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Palmer FAT50 50w All Tube Combo

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The FAT50 is a super versatile, yet straight forward to use, 50w all tube combo amp. From a subtle crunch for Country pick'n or Jazz, right up to a fully saturated Rock Distortion and anything in between the FAT50 has the goods, even for the most discerning players. But don't take my word for it, check out some of the customers reviews.


Palmer FAT50 Combo Guitar Amp

Made in Germany

The no-compromise FAT50 design incorporates a rainbow of sounds with punch and definition – from subtle crunch to maximum saturation, and a lively and dynamic clean tone with extended headroom. The FAT50‘s High Gain circuit provides massive overdrive for a comprehensive set list of quintessential riffs and classic lead lines. True to the no-compromise design there are no transistors in the signal path - even the effects loop is tube driven.

In addition to their outstanding sound quality Palmer amps offer unsurpassed reliability on stage and in the studio. Premium quality tubes are used throughout for safe and stable operation. With two footswitchable
master volumes and a solid 50 Watts of true tube power FAT50 amps are built to be heard!



Preamp Section

  • V1, V2: ECC83/12AX7A highgrade
  • V3, V4: ECC83/12AX7A selected

Power-Amp Section

  • V5, V6: 5881 (6L6GC) matched set
  • Output Power: 50 Watt an 8 oder 16 Ohm

Sound Section

  • Speaker: 12” Eminence Governor - 16 Ohm


  • Mains Volltage: 230 V~ +/-10%
  • Max. Power consumption: 150 W
  • Power consumption in Standby mode: 42 W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 580 x 500 x 270 mm


The Ultimate Gigging/Bedroom Amp
I have been using a Palmer Fat50 as my primary gigging amp for most of this year. I do a couple of wedding/corporate gigs with a party band every weekend, so simplicity is #1. Fortunately this amp provides me with all my basic requirements: 2x crisp sounds (clean and crunch channels), a smoking hot lead sound, quality reverb and the all important volume boost.

My favourite feature is the hi-gain sound. I run it with the gain on 7 and that's all the sustain I need for any Lukather/Van Halen/Santana inspired wail/shred solos... and it's TUBE! Possible the best solo sound I've found yet.

It only has a master EQ (as opposed to 1 for each channel) but fortunately it is nicely balanced... sometimes it's nice to not have to worry about that!

The only con that can really be considered a con is that it's bloody heavy! (German engineering... go figure...) But hey, sometimes it's nice to sculpt your way to "the office".

So yeah, I cannot recommend this amp more highly. Whether you're gigging regularly or you just need an all-rounder for your bedroom/studio, the Palmer Fat50 is a great option.
From: Cam Blokland | Date: 28/10/2012 11:30 PM
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Fat50 - versatile and satisfying
I have found my Palmer Fat50 to be a very reliable, versatile and robust amp over the last 18 months. It has easily met all of my gigging requirements and has delivered on all of its promises, with the “pros” far outnumbering any “cons” encountered.

I have been very pleased with the variety of tones that the Fat50 can produce.  This amp has held its own in situations where a warm clean jazz tone is required, as well as delivering convincing high gain lead sounds for solos in pop/rock environments – and everything in between. In all cases I have been able to obtain plenty of ‘oomph’ and clarity needed to cut through an 8 piece band (including 3 horns) without needing to push the amp too hard. On several occasions I have received very positive (unsolicited) feedback from sound guys regarding the sound of the amp overall, and the fact that they have had plenty of head room to work with front of house - whilst I have not needed to go over the top with my stage level to produce my desired output.

Whilst a little on the heavy side the Fat50 is just the right size for lugging to gigs and can be squeezed into any boot space or tight little nook on stage. Given its weight I would recommend exercising caution when lifting it in and out of car boots if you want to save on physio or chiropractic treatment further down the track. A positive aspect to the weight issue is its sturdy construction and robustness, which has allowed it to stand up well to the usual punishment of transportation without any malfunctions to date.

The variety of tones available (high gain, low gain, clean, reverb, volume boost) are easy to access and switch between via the footswitch, and I have had little need for external effects other than tremolo and wah. There is an EQ switch located on the amp which toggles between a bright and normal setting. This has been useful in allowing me to change from a neutral jazz tone to a brighter general purpose tone quickly without the need to adjust individual EQ controls.  The only potential “con” that I have observed so far is the rather large jump in volume and gain levels that occurs when hitting the high gain boost from the standard low gain position. Whilst this is usually appropriate in most situations, I would like to have easier control over the differences in level nevertheless.

On the whole the Fat50 has been an easy, enjoyable and satisfying amp to use both at home and on the job. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is after a reliable general purpose tube amp that can deliver a good range of clean, crunch and sustained high gain lead tones to suite a variety of musical settings.
From: Ben Lang | Date: 13/04/2013 7:41 PM
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Five Thumbs Up!
I have used this in various venues for a variety of styles including classic rock, jazz, ska, funk and heavy metal. I can get any tone I want starting from your jazzy Wes Montgomery sounds to your screaming Dimebag Darrell shred tones just from the amp itself. The way this amps EQ is balanced makes it very easy to find your own sound.
The amp is very pedal friendly, I have used the standard crybaby wah, various modulations including chorus and delay and also a few different boost and overdrive pedals.

A feature that is very useful is the ‘normal/bright’ switch that is available on the clean channel, its useful when swapping from single coiled guitars to humbucking guitars.
The included footswitch makes it super easy to get to the sound you want fast.
My favourite feature about this amp is the adjustable volume boost you’re able to get when the footswitch is engaged, perfect for when you need that extra boost in your solos.

I can’t really fault this amp at all. It’s a great product, at a great price, with great service from Sonic Frog.
From: Jacob Howard | Date: 12/10/2015 6:59 PM
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