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Palmer PGA04 Speaker Simulator 4 ohm

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PGA-04 ADIG-LB is a successor to our legendary speaker simulator, which has conquered recording studios world wide and is used by such renowned artists as Keith Richards/Rolling Stones, Alex Lifeson/Rush, Warren Cucurullo/Duran Duran as well as Eddie Van Halen and Def Leppard, only to name a few...
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Palmer PGA04 Speaker Simulator

Made in Germany

The ADIG-LB is connected in place of a speaker cab, facilitating direct-to-mixing-desk recording, thereby eliminating undesirable “noise pollution” through “cranked” amplifiers. An extensive and unique filter section lets you shape the sound beyond the boundaries of common EQ circuits. The ADIG-LB works without any additional mains power.


Product type: speaker simulator
Type: passive
Channels: 1
Input type: unbalanced
Inputs: 1
Input connectors: 6.3 mm Jack
Output type: unbalanced, balanced
Outputs: 2
Output connectors: XLR, 6.3 mm Jack
Output impedance: 600 (XLR), 10 k (6.3 mm Jack) Ohm(s)
Controls: volume, low, high, high cut, ground lift, fullrange volume, colour, filter volume
Display: max. load
Dummy load: yes
Dummy load impedance: 8 Ohm(s)
Max. load: 100 W
Voicing filter: yes
Power attenuator: no
Transformer isolated outputs: yes
Cabinet material: sheet steel
Cabinet surface: powder coated
Width: 480 mm
Width: 19"
Depth: 180 mm
Height: 44,5 mm
Height: 1 U
Weight: 2.56 kg
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Palmer PGA04 video
Palmer PGA04 video
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