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JZ Microphone BH-1 3 Polar Patterns

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Studio multipattern vocal microphone.
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JZ Microphones engineers' and users' opinion is that any Black Hole Series microphone, which is a fantastic vocal mic, is great on every application it is used. Unbelievable clarity and definition, smoothness and feel full transparency is the way industry professionals describe their own thoughts after using the Black Hole Series microphones to record their music. It is very handy and compact with absolutely originally looking design. It has new original stand holder system (damper) and patented variable sputtering of diaphragm, using specially mixed alloy for coating. The Black Hole is produced with three switchable polar patterns (Omni, Cardioid and Figure of 8). Designer of Black Hole is sure that the result will agreeably surprise every user.

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JZ Black hole series video
JZ Black hole series video