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Spectraflex PATCH 6 inch (15cm) right angle to right angle

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Braided pedal patch cable 1/4" Tip and Sleeve right angleto right angle
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Put the legendary performance and reliability of our Original Series guitar cables, to work for you...On your pedal board.
Our Pedal Cables use the same cable and internal construction as their longer counterparts.

1) Rugged, engineered Nylon Braiding, covering a tough PVC Outer Jacket.
2) 20 AWG Ultra-Pure Copper Center Conductor.
3) 95% Overall Copper Shield.
4) 100% Coverage Inner Conductive PVC Shield.
5) Dual Right Angle 1/4" High-Performance Nickel Plated Connectors with corrosion resistant Powder Coated Housings.
6) State of the art construction designed for extended frequency response and extremely low handling noise.

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