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Palmer PDI09 Specialised DI / Speaker Simulator

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As used and endorsed by The Black Keys. The Palmer PDI09 is a Direct Injection Box designed specifically for guitarists.


A DI box designed especially for guitarists, for use with line level preamps, or to be connected between amp and speaker, enabling direct-to-mixing-desk recording without microphones. Integrated filter circuits simulate the authentic “speaker” sound. Tone can be varied between “Mellow”, “Normal”, or “Bright”.


  • Input: 6.35mm jack with parallel THRU output
  • Output: XLRM transformer balanced.
  • Attenuator: (Level switch) 0dB for line signals, -15dB for small amps up to 10W, -30dB for large amps up to 200W.
  • Power Supply: No battery required.


Portable, Useful, Affordable!
The PDI09 Junction DI Box is a cool little unit for guitar players; live or in the studio. I've used this DI a number of times on gigs and in the studio and have been more than satisfied with the results.

The DI box connects between your amp and speaker (it needs to see a speaker load) and a line out can be taken into a desk.

In a world of fuzzy cheap and nasty quick fix DI boxes, all guitarist should keep one of these handy in their kit bag.
From: Chris Simms | Date: 12/04/2013 4:46 PM
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Too easy
Bit of a glitch with the delivery, but great service from Greg.
I play a 12 watt tweed deluxe with a loud band. Plugged it in, minor EQ and kicking guitar through the PA.
Everyone was amazed at the sound and no mike to kick over again.
From: craig jones | Date: 22/01/2015 7:26 PM
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Palmer PDI09 Manual
Interview with Ken van Druten, FOH engineer - Linkin Park
PDI09 video
PDI09 video
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