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Paige 'Clik' 6-String Guitar Capo, PC-6-2.062-R

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Just when you didn't think Capo technology couldn't get any better...enter the new Paige 'Clik' Capo. Just slide into position, squeeze until it 'Clicks' and just make the final tension adjustment and you're done....gig ready!
Availability: 8 in stock


Paige 'Clik' 6-String Guitar Capo, PC-6-2.062-R

Made in the USA

The key to choosing the right Paige 'Clik' model Capo is in the width. Determine how far up the neck you want to capo then measure the width of your instrument at that point. You do not want a wider capo than needed because this adds unnecessary bulk. Also, make sure that you order a radiused model if your instrument has a radiused fret board (radiused model numbers end with an R)

PC-6-2.062-R with Radius Specifications

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