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Palmer PLI02 Dual Channel XLR Line Isolator

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The Palmer PLI02 is a professional dual channel line isolating device for stage and studio use.
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Professional dual channel line isolating unit for stage and studio use. A unique Neutrik input connector accepts both male XLR and jack plugs. The PLI-02 easily converts unbalanced outputs into balanced ones. It may also be used to transformer balance electronically balanced inputs and outputs.



  • No of Channels: 2
  • Connectors: XLRM combo
  • Input/Output Ratio: 1 : 1
  • Ground Lift Switch: Yes
  • Maximum Level dBu: +20dBu
  • Nominal Impedance: 600 Ohm
  • Frequency Range +/- 1dB: 20Hz - 40KHz
  • Dimensions: 130 x 98 x 38mm
Palmer PLI02
The Palmer PLI-02 is a very useful piece of equipment. I have used it during the Adelaide Cabaret Festival for Mary Wilson (singer from the 60's & 70's super group The Supremes). In her show there is video projection as well as accompanying audio. Both video and audio are supplied via computer. Connecting the computer via an active D.I box into the PA created all manner of noise. Patching in the PLI-02 eliminated the noise completely.

I also use the PLI-02 when I'm lecturing at TAFE. When we record a live performance of the music students, we create two stems from the inputs (i.e vocals and band). These stems come from the recording console and are sent into another console to feed the PA system.  This always creates noise due to multiple earths. Again patching in the PLI-02 eliminates any noise.

I am finding that many of the shows that I'm called upon to mix are incorporating audio and video. The PLI-02 has worked every time when noise issues arise from plugging computers into PA systems.

I believe that every engineer should have one of these in their tool kit. You may not need to use it at every gig, but the day will come where this device will be the difference between the show being successful or maybe not being able to go ahead at all. This has happened to me on one occasion already.

Craig McCowat
Freelance Sound Engineer/Audio Lecturer TAFE SA
From: Craig McCowat | Date: 31/10/2012 3:19 PM
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