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Palmer EINS Guitar Amplifier

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EINS, is German for watt output, one cool amp, one of the 'must haves'? They are all applicable here. It would be easy to pass the EINS off as simply yet another practise amp, but so much more lurks beneath. With the very cool ECC83 pre-amp tube and the ECC82 power stage tube the EINS has a seriously cool vibe going on. Add to this its HiZ output, it can be used as a pre amp to an existing amp or maybe at the start of your pedal chain. The EINS also has a speaker simulator output, so you can take the output to a PA system or maybe off to your DAW for recording, without the need to connect to a speaker cab! Das ist cool, ja :)


Palmer EINS - 1w Guitar Amplifier, Amazingly Versatile!

Made in Germany

Small 1-5W amps have become very popular in recent years. They are fun items but some seem more like toys than real amplifiers. Palmers approach with the EINS was to design a serious true tube amplifier for professional purposes. The speaker simulated output allows you to connect the output of the amp directly to your audio interface. Thanks to the integrated loadbox a speaker does not need to be connected. Thanks to the unique “HiZ output” you can connect the output of the EINS directly to the input of any amplifier! This way the EINS can be power boosted or used as a preamp or even on your pedalboard.

The Palmer EINS comes with an ECC83 preamp tube (V1) and an ECC82 (V2) power stage tube as standard. Other tube configurations are possible as follows.

  • 1: V1:ECC83 - V2:ECC83: Quieter, distorts much faster, a little more gain, lead sound.
  • 2: V1:ECC83 - V2:ECC81: Louder than Variation "1", quieter than the standard configuration, more gain, distorts a little more quickly.
  • 3: V1:ECC81 - V2:ECC82: Stays clean a little longer, a little more headroom, darker distortion sound.
  • 4: V1:ECC81 - V2:ECC83: The quietest config, distortion sets in a little later than with Variation "1", very precise control of distortion.


  • Product Type : Guitar Amplifier
  • Type : Head
  • Class : A
  • Power : 1w
  • Inputs : One
  • Input Connector : 6.35mm Jack
  • Input Impedence : 1M Ohm(s)
  • Outputs : Four
  • Output Impedence : Speaker out: 8 & 16 Ohm, Simulated out: 4k, HiZ out: 3,3M Ohm(s)
  • Channels : One
  • Display : Power
  • Controls : Tone & Level
  • Fx Loop : No
  • Pre-amp Tube : ECC83
  • Output Tube : ECC82
  • Rectifier : Solid State
  • Power Supply : 230 V AC
  • Power Consumption : 10 W
  • Cabinet Material : Sheet Steel
  • Width : 206mm
  • Height : 128mm
  • Depth : 108mm 
  • Weight : 2.47 Kg
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Palmer EINS Demo
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