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Paige Capos

Wednesday, 8 May 2013
Paige Capos

Hi Folks,

Well great news is that Sonic Frog has secured the exclusive distribution of Paige Capos. 

Paige have been making Capos since 1988 and are located in Southern Michigan and they manufacture their Capos in the USA.

Paige are a family business and are passionate about the industry they are involved in.

So, why does Sonic Frog love Paige Capos;

  • They're slim and discreet
  • They eliminate string buzz
  • they enable controlled tension of the strings...just the amount you want
  • They can be stored above the nut when not in use
  • They can stay on the guitar while in the more lost Capos at gigs

Don't take our word for one and let us know what you think (we already know the answer).


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