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About Earpeace

Jay Clark started EarPeace in 2009 after a week of ear drum bruising fetes and playing mas in the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival. His ears rang for days and he knew there was no way he could enjoy a party like that again without killer hearing protection. After coming home Jay tried everything on the market and found that nothing met his needs and lifestyle: comfortable, stylish, high-performance and discrete. He knew from his own experience that delivering a product people would actually want to use could make a real difference in people’s lives in avoiding hearing loss and/or tinnitus.

Launched at the 2010 SXSW, EarPeace quickly became the foremost brand of hearing protection for live music, nightclubs and sporting events in cities around the United States. Expanding the brand through partnerships with artists, events and other brands proved to be a critical component of spreading the word on EarPeace. We receive daily emails from people who were ‘saved’ by co-branded EarPeace at big events like Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival. EarPeace relocated its US headquarters to Venice Beach, Los Angeles and opened offices in the UK and Japan in 2013.

Looking towards 2014 the EarPeace team is expanding rapidly. Look for EarPeace where and when you need it over the festival season.  We are planning activations across the country with new products at the biggest shows. Most importantly, EarPeace is establishing major artist brand partnerships to help galvanize awareness around hearing health. There’s no need to compromise. You’ll just have a better experience when you wear EarPeace.