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Palmer Pro Audio

Old school, analogue goodness is what Palmer is all about.

From its beginnings more than 30 years ago, Palmer has always been synonymous with manufacturing unique, clever and quality audio products for musicians and technicians, in the studio and on stage. Fast-forward to the new Millennium and Palmer is now recognised on the world stage as one of the best-known secrets of the music and audio industries.

Palmer has always taken pride in developing products in close co-operation with the people and artists in the field. It has been these important partnerships that have given Palmer the insight to what the working muso and engineer really wants.

So, what makes Palmer so special? Well, in-house transformer manufacture for one! By manufacturing transformers to match the products requirements exactly, they are able to cut down on unnecessary components resulting in simplified signal paths and ultimately, incredible sonic performance.

Palmer makes careful consideration when designing their PCB's too. Clever designs ensure optimal component layouts, resulting in shorter signal paths and with isolation of key components for impressively low signal to noise ratios.

All Palmer products have a high quality steel or aluminium housing. These are screen printed in-house. These robust housings not only protect the internal circuitry, but also offer stylish good looks. All products are thoroughly tested during final assembly and a series of quality checks are carried out during the packaging phase.

Palmer are unashamedly lovers of everything analogue and when they are manufacturing one of their six guitar amplifiers, all tubes are calibrated and matched in-house, ensuring extended service life and reduced noise.

So, you can purchase a Palmer product with the confidence that through every stage of the manufacturing process, the utmost care and dedication has been taken to bring you an innovative, rock solid product for the stage or studio.

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