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Voyage-Air Guitar

A full size guitar, that folds in half for travel: you're kidding, right?

For real! This innovative design was the brainchild of renown Californian Luthier, Harvey Leach. Harvey's been building guitars since 1972 and over the years the idea of a full-sized travel guitar was born.

At Voyage-Air, they believe every guitar player should be able to take their instrument with them, no matter what their creativity journey. The Voyage-Air Guitar is the Future of Guitar Travel™. It doesn't matter whether you're bush walking, bike riding, on a motorcycle from Adelaide to Perth, sitting around a campfire, or just going to school, there's no reason your Voyage-Air Guitar can't go with you, with ease.

Ever tried getting a full size guitar in the overhead locker of a plane? Do you get a little nervous as you watch your prized possession rattle down the luggage conveyer on it's way to the cargo hold of a plane? Well worry no longer, the Voyage Air Guitar fits neatly into to the overhead lockers of most commercial aircraft.

At Voyage-Air they manufacture three series of acoustics guitars with many models to fit your budget and playing style. "But what about electrics?" I hear you say! No probs Bob, we've got you covered. Those clever folk at Voyage-Air manufacture two models of funky and retro electrics, the Telair and Belair, and they fold into a case that's only marginally larger than a brief case! Cool huh?!

It's easy to wonder, with an idea so simple why hasn't someone thought of this before? Well, maybe while Luthiers the world over have been arguing the merits of dovetail versus the bolt on neck designs, the requirements of the modern day guitarist snuck up and smacked 'em across the back of the head like Pete Townsend at the end of a concert. Lets be honest, in this modern world of miniature this and the micro sized i-thingy, shouldn't you also be able to take your guitar with you wherever you go? That's what Voyage-Air is all about! 

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